Mish and Mush App for iPhone, iPad and iPod

A delightful new adventure in childrens' apps.

Join Mish, Mush, Hush and a host of adorable characters as they learn the alef bais (choose Ashkenazi or Sefardi pronunciation), find out who loves them even more than all the stars in the sky and learn about Hashem.

These new apps are loads of fun and educational too!

Plus we are throwing in an introductory offer….

One book can be downloaded free for a limited time and there is an Alef Bais matching game ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Check out the App store for your child today!


Here's what Mish and Mush apps have to offer:

Mish and Mush Apps are recommended for children aged from 2 to 6. They are cute, funny, entertaining, engaging and educational. In this first release, all of your favorite Mish and Mush characters come to life with sound, animation and interactive play for little hearts, minds, eyes and fingers. Find Mish and Mush in the App store now.

"WHERE DID ALL THESE LEAVES COME FROM?" is a delightful story about Hashem, the Creator of the world. There is animation and interactive play in this highly entertaining app, and it is available for free for a limited time only.

"HASHEM LOVES ME" In this enchanting story children discover Who loves them even more than all the stars in the sky, all the pages in the siddur and all the raindrops in the garden.

"LETS ALL RUN LETS ALL RACE, LETS ALL CATCH THE ALEF BAIS" This beautifully illustrated and superbly entertaining story takes your child on an adventurous alef-bais race where he can learn the alef bais in an interactive and fun way. Your child will be prompted to catch the alef bais letters which are moving around. When your child touches a letter it says its name. There is even the option to choose Ashkenazi or Sephardi pronunciation! Your child will have hours of fun with this app, learning and practicing the alef bais anytime, anywhere.

"MISH AND MATCH" is a cute alef bais matching game, alef to yud, based on the ever-popular "snap". Watch Didi do a dance when your child makes a match! And Mish and Match is FREE!

Other features include: "Read to Me" option. There are two modes of use: you can read along with your children, or they can navigate through the story on their own using the arrows while the story is read to them. Mish and Mush jingle. Your child will love opening the app home page and listening to this catchy jingle.

Page arrows. Navigating back and forward between pages and back to the home screen is so simple with page arrows on each page.

Surprise features. On some pages your child will discover fun surprises when touching the Mish and Mush characters. Other pages have their own fun animations.

New apps on the way. Look out for new apps to be added soon.

Look for 'mishandmush' in the App Store. You will be SO glad you did!